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Who says you can’t be grieving and hopeful at the same time?

OK, it took me TWO FULL WEEKS to regain some hope about the state of the media. After all, McClatchy announced it’s going to cut 15 percent of the workforce, it’s looking more likely than ever that the Seattle P-I is going to shutter its print edition, and my employer is listed as a very likely candidate to miss debt payments in the near future.

And not a moment too soon, Jon Stewart blasted Rick Santelly, Jim Cramer and the entire team of CNBC for continuing to tout themselves as “trusted” sources of financial information when they have consistently failed to grill CEO’s and ask tough questions. It is the kind of journalism (advocacy for taxpayers and 401-K owners, anyone?) that we most need, and most everyone is afraid to practice. Might as well go down fighting.

Of course, ratings for the Daily Show went through the roof and everyone is blogging about him. Will Bunch from The Huffington Post wrote a great piece about it. Among its gems: “The American public is mad as hell right now, so why isn’t the mainstream media? Balanced reporting is important, but a balanced, modulated tone of voice? Not now, not when millions are hurting from lost jobs and under-water mortgages, and many millions more are living in fear of the same fate.” And another one: “The First Amendment doesn’t say anything about not being funny, or not being passionate.”

Also in the good, uplifting news department:workers at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Massachussets will try to save the janitors and foodservers, many of them immigrants, from being laid off. It’s not necessarily a media story, but it’s proof that the financial storm we’re witnessing is going to unearth some treasures. Maybe a chestful of hope.


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