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Just when you thought we would get a respite from the onslaugh of bad news, here comes Dean Singleton and the much expected announcement that, indeed, he’s basically defaulting on his loans.  I know, I know, it’s old news but hey, I’m supposed to have a job waiting for me at a Media News paper, so I guess I was still believing in the Tooth Fairy.

But so much for whining. In doing the requisite surfing for this blog, I came across an interesting piece in Editor & Publisher Shoptalk column questioning whether J-schools are doing the right stuff to train the future journalists.  Seth Porges, an editor at Popular Mechanics Magazine and a graduate of Medill’s wonders if his alma matter and other schools are placing too much emphasis in teaching the technological aspect of the journalistic revolution (which by necessity is ever changing) at the expense of storytelling and new forms of narrative (which are presumably more enduring). It made me wonder about the job we’re doing here at Annenberg.

I have mixed feelings about what I’ve learned at Annenberg. While I’m definitely much more knowledgable about new media, I still don’t know how to build a webpage (which Porges claims you don’t really need to learn in J-school). I wish I had, though, but then again, the knowledge I’ve gained about the big picture has been precious. I guess I can learn HTML on my own.


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