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Swiss-born psychiatrist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross developed the well known and unparalleled model to cope with grief and tragedy, the eponymous Kübler-Ross model. She figured that people deal with great losses in five stages: denial, bargaining, depression, anger and acceptance. Not everyone goes through the same stages, and not everyone goes through them in the same order.

We’ve gone through particularly bad two weeks of news in the industry, and even though I’m well past denial and very much into acceptance modes, I still fluctuate between depression and anger. The thought of the San Francisco Chronicle angers me. The demise of the Rocky Mountain News depresses me. I want to be like Dave Westphal and look at the silver lining, but when I hear there are two start ups vis-a-vis 100 projected layoffs in Los Angeles alone, the math is just not adding up.

Here’s the kicker. We all know the Internet is where it’s at, and I just learned a few days ago that a top honcho in the company where I’m supposed to have a job at the end of the year does not even use e-mail. If the guys at the top still don’t get it, what’s the use of all this?